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Welcome to the Writing Tutorial Home Page.
The Center for Teaching Writing of the University of Oregon English Department provides free tutoring for students enrolled in Writing 121, 122, or 123. This service is intended to provide students with additional help in learning to write argumentative essays.
Tutors and Writing 195 students, please log in to use the appointment schedule.
Writing 121, 122, or 123 students not enrolled in WR 195, please register by clicking the "Create new account" under the login.
Tutors are able to assist with any part of the writing process:
• understanding the assignment
• ideas for arguments
• drafting your enthymeme
• organizing your argument
• composing your essay
• revising arguments (with or without a teacher’s comments)
• revising for clarity and correctness
• general writing or grammar questions
If you are not enrolled in WR 121, 122, or 123 and would like writing tutoring for any class, the TAEC Sky Studio on the 4th Floor of Knight Library provides free tutoring for any student on a drop-in basis. For more information, go to
If you have questions, contact: Dr. Kate Myers, Director of Writing Associates,